Tennille Tobin


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About Me...

Hello! and welcome to ttCreate! My name is Tennille and I love to draw and paint, and get lost in the creative process almost as much as I love road trips to the wild places for some hiking, swimming, camping or fishing with family and friends. I have a passion for nature and am inspired by the adaptation, resilience and of course beauty I see every day, and I'm grateful for the sense of joy, peace and wonder it brings and the constant inspiration it provides. 

Although I've been creating my whole life, I've been focused on art as a career for around 2 and a half years - since a health scare had me rethinking how I spend my time. My style is still somewhat experimental and eclectic,  but its also vibrant and joyful and straight from my heart.

I hope you enjoy what you see and invite you to Check in from time to time and watch as I evolve and grow into the eccentric old artist Im destined to become.